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ichangeworld provides assessment tools that add measurement to organizational development efforts connected to real business issues. by aligning corporate culture to strategy, we help produce results and value for the key stakeholders in your organization.

we equip business leaders and consultants with the most modern behavior-based survey tools, made available to your entire organization on the web. our process is quick and tailored to answer your needs in the context of your own business.

our tools empower decision makers and organizational development professionals to measure and obtain valuable feedback in easy to read reports. understanding oneself and his organization through research-based methods helps create a map for performance improvement and to succeed in change processes.

our measurement instruments promote efficacy in managing change related to m&a, branding, sales development, re-organization, technology implementations, international expansion, cross-cultural adaptation, knowledge management, or quality initiatives related to productivity and morale issues.

currently ichangeworld is working on the development of two new tools - the costumer value alignment, which is a survey instrument that can be integrated with the organizational alignment assessment and a comprehensive internal culture audit.

contact us to find out how we will equip you and your organization with our assessment tools.