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the organizational alignment assessment (oaa) is an agile web based survey that provides key information to align organizational culture with strategy, process, leadership and the market.

the oaa contains results from 13 key areas in a detailed and easy to understand report that is broken down by department, location, level and function allowing an accurate assessment of key growth opportunities.

the survey results can be retrieved quickly and accurately and used to improve competitiveness, guide through change processes, benchmark improvements in performance and ultimately improve overall business results.

the oaa has proven to be the starting point for organizations to understand how they are aligned and where their performance gaps are. this is also a logical starting point for organizations hoping to grow their market share and improve competitive position.

does an organization's cultural alignment affect its performance over the long term?

john kotter and james heskett conducted a study published by harvard business school press that analyzed the impact of corporate culture on organizational performance. after a research period of 11 years, the authors found that firms with performance-enhancing cultures outperformed similar companies with weaker cultures by enormous margins.
  1. revenue growth for firms with performance-enhancing cultures was 682% compared to only 166% for firms with weaker cultures.
  2. net income growth for firms with performance-enhancing cultures was 756% compared to the 1% for firms with weaker cultures.

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