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the intercultural adjustment potential scale (icaps) is a web-based survey that predicts how well a person will adjust to life in a new culture. it is the only tool available today that can reliably and validly predict the degree to which a person will be able to adjust to living, working and traveling effectively in a new or different cultural environment.

some of the benefits of icaps:
  • helps organizations select right individuals for international assignments resulting in an increase in profits
  • examines an individual's strengths and weaknesses to maximize intercultural experiences
  • helps international mergers and acquisitions to add real value to the organizations involved
  • assess the efficacy of cross-cultural training programs
  • measures cross-cultural adaptability scientifically

the icaps is the product of ichangeworld's technology, years of research at the san francisco state university culture and emotion laboratory and over 3,000 subjects from different countries and languages.

contact us to find out how you and your organization may use the icaps.