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ichangeworld supports organizations managing, planning and executing business strategies that involve cross-cultural issues.

we help you and your organization excel internationally in branding, localization, global workforce and management development . ichangeworld helps organizations build international enterprises.

our worldwide network of consultants and partner companies allows us to provide you with locally deployed and culturally adapted solutions. when it comes to setting up your global infrastructure, coming to ichangeworld will position you to succeed.

we will help you with your hiring, training and coaching of employees for international assignments. you may also count on us in supporting employees and departments that are made of or involved with individuals from different cultures.

ichangeworld offers the only tool available that is capable of measuring a person's ability to adapt to a different culture. it is called icaps - intercultural adjustment potential scale.

years of research at san francisco state university culture and emotion laboratory, 3,000 subjects, many articles on journals around the world, and ichangeworld's team brought this new tool on the web for internal and external consultants, cross-cultural specialists, and training and development professionals.

contact us to discuss how we may help you internationally or locally to improve the performance of your globalized workplace.