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becoming a partner is a simple and objective process that takes a few correspondence exchanges and a short amount of time. in less than three months, we will be able to explore and structure our partnership. short after that your organization will be ready to establish a new revenue stream, while providing new solutions to customers in your market.

the first step is an exchange of general information between your organization and ichangeworld. you may initiate this process by filling out an application to become a partner. provided both sides are interested in proceeding, we move onto the next step.

in step two we send you a non disclosure agreement (nda) to review, sign and fax back to ichangeworld. ichangeworld will sign the nda and return it to you for your records.

in step three ichangeworld will provide you with enough information about the relationship we are offering and our tools. you and your organization will review the information and choose those ichangeworld tools on which you would like to base our partnership.

step four ichangeworld creates a sample agreement based on the tools that you choose. we send you this agreement to review and ask questions to clarify your understanding.

step five we reach an agreement and sign a contract formalizing our partnership.

step six ichangeworld will send a master certifier your office or other location in your city to train and certify your team to become fluent on selling and applying our tools, as well as to seamlessly integrate them into your existing solutions.

now that you know how to become a partner, if you wish to explore further, fill out our partner application and get the ball rolling.

i hope to see you in your town soon.


sergio alexandre garcia